Personal Food - Desarrollamos alimentos funcionales, con probióticos, que amplían la oferta de alimentación consciente de todos.

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newyou.chocolate our first brand.
PROBIOTICS inside a delicious chocolate

Personal Food
Food as a carrier for PROBIOTICS

Personal Food maintenance and improvement of health
through the benefits of probiotics


Personal Food contributes to the improvement of health and well-being through the inclusion of probiotics and functional ingredients in some of people’s favorite foods, having the differential of the union of science with pleasure and trying to reach all segments of the population.

Our international brand:


From Personal Food we want you to enjoy both the food
and the benefits it should bring you.

In the field of health, thanks to technological advances in the analysis of the intestinal microbiota and genomic analysis that make it possible to define individual characteristics and needs, people can, and will increasingly be able to, choose to opt for a personalized diet. We will choose consciously, knowing what foods we will eat and what their effects are on the functioning of our body. We may choose to provide benefits and prevent illness.

The Personal Food proposal is born in this context of scientific-technological advances, information and empowerment of the individual in the management of their diet and by extension of their health. t aims to add value to people from the offer of functional foods of irrefutable scientific value to knowledge management to use them for their benefit.


Search, create and make available to all people, products and technological tools that allow analyzing, designing and following a personalized diet that guarantees well-being and prevents diseases.

A benchmark in the food distribution sector for products that provide the benefits of probiotics to the functional food supply.


Bacteria, viruses and fungi live on or in us. We maintain an advantageous relationship for us: they help us assimilate nutrients, train our immune system and even modulate our moods.

Our life is better if the relationship with all these microorganisms is balanced.

Personal Food proposes that you complement it with probiotics that help you improve that “relationship”.

Probiotics integrated in a “food format”: newyou.chocolate. Now, source of nutrients, pleasure and probiotics.


The nutritional and therapeutic benefits of chocolate are on the same level as the pleasure that comes from eating it.

It is a source of nutrients, highly energetic, provides: fiber, vitamins and minerals. In the right amount, it should be part of that dieta equilibrada que todos tendríamos que mantener . It sialso a perfect ally of our probiotics; it is a prebiotic.

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